Q- How will you earn points?

Every week, new products and brands are included in a MyCLUB offer. Be sure to identify these items in the store to start earning points. The offers will be published on the Carrefour Qatar application, Carrefour Qatar website and in Carrefour Qatar social media pages.

The points you earn are valid for 1 year and every time you reach 500 points, you will get a 50 QR Carrefour voucher.

Q- How can you find out about your current point balance and active vouchers?

On each receipt, you will see the number of points received during the transaction, the total points you have earned so far and your unused vouchers.

You can also check your points in your mobile app, on the website, on the loyalty page and at any Carrefour customer service.

Q- How do you redeem points?

Each time you reach 500 points, you will get a 50 QR Carrefour voucher, which you can use on any of your next purchases.

You can either use the printed voucher you received on your previous transaction, or your digital voucher appearing on your mobile application. To activate your digital voucher, simply go to your MyCLUB page in the app, click on "My Savings”, then press on the grey icon. If it turns green, then your digital voucher becomes active and will be redeemed on your purchase.

Each voucher has a validity of 2 months and can be redeemed in any Carrefour hypermarket or supermarket within the territory of Qatar.